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09 January 2011 @ 02:04 pm
月の吠え声 (Bark at the Moon)  

You know how I'm saying new shit is popping up in the Agarihama area on a near daily basis? Feel free to add this place, Moon Terrace in the neighboring Agarizaki hood, to the ever growing list. It sprung up the middle of last summer, but only now are all the pieces of the proverbial new business pie coming into place.

The Moon Terrace Cafe was one of the first business' to move into this building. We had Julie K.'s farewell party here. Really nice atmosphere and really friendly staff. The special food menu they had at the party was good, but I can't comment on their regular menu for everyday slobs.

While the name Kitchen Farm may evoke images of organic vegetables being whipped up in the kitchen, it's actually home to an eclectic mix of traditional Okinawan food and more "international" fair such as hamburgers, fish and chips, and taquitos. Considering how bad non Japanese food usually is in Okinawa, I have to say the fish and chips and taquitos were both shockingly good.

On the second floor is Body Talk and the overpriced yakiniku restaurant we went to in the fall with MaryAnn's mom. Body Talk is an interesting store, sort of like the LVL X of Okinawa (DC area people should definitely know what I'm talking about here). They produce a lot of cheap club clothes that look really hookerish, which really stand out considering Okinawan girls more conservative dress style.

The newest location of Jumbo Steak Han's also opened up here recently. Just like a bunch of steakhouses in Texas, this place features a steak eating challenge where you have to eat a two pound piece of meat (and probably a bunch of vegetables and a drink or something) under an hour or so to get it for free. Otherwise you have to shell out 5,000 yen. I'm considering doing it one day, but the potential for a lethal heart attack is deterring me at the moment.
a_feather on January 11th, 2011 03:45 am (UTC)
Well, hookers gotta shop somewhere too, you know? XD