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Black...in Japan

Ron Simms Jr.
25 August
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Now in its 4th year, Black In Japan is the story of Ron Simms Jr., a 26 year old Black guy from Washington, DC who quit his job working at a small public relations firm back in November of 2008 and moved to Okinawa, Japan with his girlfriend.

Chronicling the struggles of job searching in a foreign country, immigration issues, slice of life tales and the randomness of Japanese & Okinawan culture, Black In Japan also features a number of notable columns that talk about various other topics, including:
  • Games You Can't Play - dedicated to covering games that either won't be released in the States ever or that get released well before they reach the Western side of the world.
  • Things Okinawan's Love - Okinawan people are a separate breed from their mainland Japanese counterparts, and this recurring column covers everything they give a damn about.
  • How To - if you've ever thought about coming to Japan or are newly arrived to the country, these how to segments teach you everything from how to get a bank account to how to pass the Japanese driving test.
  • Engrish Is Fundamental - not everything Japanese translates perfectly over to English, especially when it's been translated through an internet website.
  • Being Black In Japan - profiles and Q&As with other Black expatriates inhabiting the island
  • Put Your Hood Up - get to know the various towns, cities, and villages that make up Okinawan honshu